Take Back Control

by Take Back Control

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"A boot stamping on a human face - forever."
"I would like to be excluded from this narrative."

Composed and recorded 15th - 18th July 2016.
Further recording and mixing happened 22nd - 24th July.

Cover includes artwork by Alfred Leyman (1856-1933).


released July 24, 2016

"Born Yesterday: the news as novel" by Gordon Burn
"The Balcony" - by Jean Genet
"Public Opinion" - by Walter Lippmann
"Executive Summary of the Iraq Inquiry" - Sir John Chilcot
"Inventing the Future" - by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams
"Discipline and Punish" - by Michel Foucault
"Captive State" - by George Monbiot
"Crystallizing Public Opinion" - by Edward Bernays
A Private Eye subscription
My father's 'Leave' vote, which he forgot to post.



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Take Back Control UK

Resident of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Documentary evidence. Political journalism. Direct action.

The semiological feedback loop of "brexit means brexit". We was here. This is this.

Take back control.
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Track Name: Take
Dismiss your stereo
This is the overthrow
Fire awaits us all
Take back control.
Love who you know.
The crew is overboard!
Take back control.
"Kill the prisoners!" - the absent saboteurs.
"Funds will freely flow!"
Maintain the status quo
Or take back control.
Track Name: Back
Back in the day
When England was for England was for English
What was England? Who can say?
Back with all the Christmas magic
Sweet nostalgia and with none of the pain.

We sailed away
Free market hubs
Still smoke in pubs
Prescription drugs
Meaningful jobs for equitable pay.

Back in the day
With Churchill's red fog
Insurance dogs
Farage's grog
George Osborne's drugs
Preferred meanings of the word 'gay'.
lortnoc kcab ekaT
Reclaim a sense of place that's not defined by an ever-present grey.
"Make England Great"
With *flower-girls*
Well-attended car boot sales in light rain.
We advocate resistance to repression
Cast by apparatus of this quasi-fascist state.

There's no mandate
Free market hubs
Can't smoke in pubs
Fox-hunting cubs
Meaningless jobs (till death)
in the UK.
Track Name: Control
Sail away to an island state
Let us reclaim our identity
Diminished space, throw it all away
Independence day but we're still not free
We're all watching and being watched.

Sail away to an island state
Sail away, let us live again
Give us this day, our two minutes of hate
A rainy place with lines of battery hens
We're all watching and being watched
You'll see me watching and being robbed.

Interpret all attacks = false flags
Post-facts for elections.